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28-Dec-2018 : Loyalty Points 2019


As from 1 February 2019, loyalty points will only be given when all payments 
for that holiday have been made by Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Cash or 
In January 2018, the EU made it illegal for anyone to charge for credit 
card payments. As a business, we still get charged a high percentage and 
have therefore seen our bank charges increase drastically.
We are therefore trying to encourage more people to pay by other methods.
As from 1 February 2019, points cannot be redeemed on any offers 
(there will be less offers anyway)
However, we are increasing the amount you can redeem to 
20 points (£50pp) on any Finesse Holiday and 10 points (£25pp) 
on any LJ Leisure short break.
This will mean that you can plan and book without waiting for offers.   
It is unlikely that a holiday will be reduced by more than £50pp.
Due to the amount of admin involved, points will not be given on 
Day Trips and cannot be redeemed against any Day Trips
Points will still be rewarded as follows: 1 points per person per night
ie:  Book 4 people on a 4 night holiday = 16 points = £40

We will publish the point value for each holiday on the holiday details on the website and on your invoices